How to Travel With Practically No Money in 2018

It’s almost 2018. We are living in the greatest era to be alive. We have technology that nobody ever had before. That technology makes travel much cheaper. It still costs, no doubt about that. But you can save up to even 90% by using new apps and services. If you want to travel with practically no money in 2018, technology will help.

Stop Paying Big Sums for Accommodation

That’s the most expensive aspect of each trip. You spend hundreds on just that one thing. If you want to travel with practically no money in 2018, you can’t be paying a lot of money on accommodation. And not a lot of money generally means “bad” when it comes to accommodation.

If you are smart, you might be paying around $30 per night, but some people pay around $100. That’s absurd. That’s what doesn’t allow you travel in the long term.

Hotels suck when it comes to pricing. Services like HotelTonight make things easier with hotels, but they still cost. Now, services like Airbnb are better, and if you choose to stay in a place for longer than a week, you might even get a discount, but they still cost.

GuestToGuest, on the other hand, makes accommodation free. Now, it’s limited in terms of where you can go. And in some cases, you need to contact way in advance, but minus the 3.5% fee of a deposit along with insurance that sometimes is optional, it’s basically free. From paying $300 to $24. Just like that.

It’s an exchange platform. It means that you need to provide your home to people too. You don’t need to own it. And you don’t need to do it at the same time as when you travel or with the same people. But you get points for travel. Those are needed if you want to stay in people’s home. Luckily, you get free points when you sign up so you can test the service out.

Of course, hostels are also cheap. And CouchSurfing is also great.

Be Smart with Transport

To be smart is to be flexible.  You cannot be willing to travel only on a certain day. Flight prices differ by a lot depending on what day you travel. Especially in the Summer. If you don’t get specific, you will pay less.

You also need to be open to several modes of transports. Taking an airplane is great. It’s quick. Airplanes can also be overpriced. You need to check your location. Buses might be a good choice for you.

My bus from Wroclaw to Prague was 16 euros. On the other hand, a bus from Prague to Milan was 60 euros. I got a flight instead. For 15 euros. In different parts of Europe, different transport is better.

And especially when in Eastern Europe, use local bus companies. They are cheaper as they need to live up to the wages of people in the local currencies.

Have a Plan

Planning often destroys adventure. True. Don’t over plan. But have a basic idea of how much you will spend where,

If you don’t know how much you have to spend during the day, you will often end up spending much more money than if you had a plan.

And research too. Know what restaurants have good food at an affordable price. Know where you will overpay. Plan what you will sacrifice. Starbucks is great. It’s also overpriced. You can get great coffee for 1/5th of a price in most countries if you go into a cafe. And it might be the best coffee you ever had. Just because it’s unknown doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Tripcoin helps you with planning. You can organize yourself by having a travel budget. Once you know what you are spending money on each day, and once you have an outlook on how much you should be spending, then you can make changes that will really minimize spending costs, and will allow you to travel with practically no money in 2018.


If you cut our accommodation costs, your travel is already basically free. Combine that with being smart about your transport, along with having a plan, and you can travel with practically no money in 2018.