How to Stay in Paris on a Budget for a Week – €150

Paris, the city of love. Not a city of “on a budget.” Doing Paris on a budget is almost impossible.

Yet, I’ve done it. I’ve done Paris on a budget of 150 for a week.

It’s not easy. I mean, an average cold croissant costs  1. If you want to stay in center, you can expect to pay 300 per night. Not in the center? Around  €80 then. Either way, you are paying more than 150 for two nights. And this is about how to stay in Paris on a budget for a week.

Ther’s four things that matter when it comes to this. Transport. Accommodation or where you are staying. Food. Entertainment.


Paris is huge. It’s also worth the walk. A ticket costs  1.80, you will have to pay it.There’s no way of getting through otherwise. A five-day pass will cost you 27. On your first day, you are arriving. On your second, you are leaving. 5 days should be enough. Transport is cheap.

The Place

This is the most expensive part of every trip. It costs. You won’t be able to be on a budget if you don’t come to Paris with friends. See, 50 becomes 25 with a friend. If you bring 6 friends and have an accommodation for 80, it will costs you only 10. It will cost you about 93. 93 + 27, you are doing pretty good so far. And who said you only have 150 to spend.  Maybe you have more.

But what if you want to get more luxurious? I did in Paris. I got a €300 place for 6 nights for €69.5 in the center of Paris. 2 Double beds. 1 king bed. A couch that could fit about 4 people, 6 if really needed. Modern. Simplistic. On a touristy street. It cost only 69.5 for a full week. It happened because of GuestToGuest. It’s an exchange platform. You get 1500 GuestPoints at the start. You can use that to travel for about 2 weeks or 1 week in a luxurious location. You only pay a 3.5% deposit along with insurance that sometimes is optional.


Everybody has to eat. But not everybody has to eat like a tourist. Here’s your mistake. You act like a tourist. Tourists pay a lot on food. Instead of going to the restaurant packed with people, go to the one that isn’t. A friend of mine assumes that if a restaurant is not packed, it but be bad. Not always true.

Go to restaurants on the outskirts. Outskirts offer non-touristy prices. You save a lot of money there.



This one, it depends on who you are. See, entertainment can be fully free. It can also cost. You can go to the Eiffel tower, you can also go on the Eiffel Tower. One is free. One is paid. Paris offers a lot. A lot of free stuff. You don’t have to pay for most of it. Entertainment can be fully free if you want it to be.

Plan It Out

It’s all easy to say but if you go to a shop to be cheaper but end up buying unnecessary stuff, you won’t be any cheaper. Be smart. Tripcoin will help you with planning. Don’t overspend for no reason.

Written by Michael Smolski.